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Carla Ranum is an attorney with twenty five years of experience in the 
insurance, reinsurance and capital markets

Our services include structuring, negotiating and drafting in relation to:

Entity Matters: by-laws, articles of incorporation, shareholders’ agreements, operating and partnership agreements, formations, mergers, divestitures, and dissolution.

Entity Agreements: managing general agencies, joint ventures, service agreements, employment agreements
International Matters: regulatory and tax considerations in transaction structuring and documentation.

Guidelines: codes of conduct and underwriting guidelines.

Due Diligence Reviews: acquisitions, sales, mergers, investments, risk transfer transactions.

Multi-lines of Insurance and Reinsurance: property & casualty, financial guaranty, mortgage, residual value insurance, title, guarantees, wraps.

Capital Markets: single and portfolio credit default swaps, total rate of return swaps, index based funds and securitized loans.

Captive Insurance Companies: formations, including domicile evaluations, program structuring, document drafting including insurance, reinsurance and capital markets agreements.

Transactional Legal Services For:

MGA's &
Hedge Funds
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